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Double planet encounter

double planet. first close encounterThe New Horizons spacecraft that was launched in 2006, has just completed its mission objective with a fly by of Pluto.  what we may have found is that Pluto and what was it’s largest moon Charon may in fact be a double planetary system with each planet rotating around a point in space. if this is found to be true we have just witnessed our else photos of such a system.

at the very least it looks like Plutos surface is complex enough with snow cover and strange polygonal shapes , that it may be reinstated as a planet.  I am looking forward to see more NASA photos like the one I. this post and I will be following  closely the news releases from our most distant (well most of the time, most distant) member of our little piece of the universe.


New Long exposure Gallery added

I was going through my photos looking at exposure times and I choose a few to create a new gallery.  Long exposure can be used to show, the passing of time, motion, or just in increase in detail in photograph.  Please take a look and I hope you enjoy them.

San Diego Mission San Diego Mission


Happy New Year everyone, Its time to make a change in your camera settings

Copyright information – If you set your copyright information in your camera its time to go into our settings and change the date from 2014 to 2015.  Set a reminder or a calendar event remind you next News Year Day.

I am looking forward to the New Year and some new photography adventures, stay tuned for more information coming soon on a our Weekend Photo workshop’s we will be staring in San Diego. More information will be released in the next week.

Starting today Open Road Studio is now open full time, if you have any general photographic needs this year give me a call at 315-768-3503.  All services except wedding are offered, commercial, executive headshot, social media profile photos. Give me a call

Last year was a busy one for me First finishing up and graduating from the New York Institute of photography, then heading of to Atlanta and attending classes at the Professional Photographers of Amercia .  After taking the written exam and the submiting 15 photos for review I was awarded Certified Professional Photogrper certification.

I am looking forward to all the new changes that 2015 will bring.

So happy new year and we looking forward to seeing you in 2015.


Silo City Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a workshop in Buffalo NY, we were shooting at a site called Silo City. The location consisted of several abandoned grain elevators located along the Niagara River.  The workshop was run by Mark Maio  

This site offered plenty of subjects and every subject could be shot with any number of different photo techniques. Below are a few of my sample images taken from the weekend.


New Photo Podcast for the masses

Looking for a new voice in the photography podcast world?  if so, Give Pocket lenses a listen and learn good old basic photography.  

Sonny is taking a new approach, offering photo tips and tricks to the average weekend photographer, the soccer mom or anyone wanting to get better photos from their point and shoot camera.


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